Getting Started

brandy and bridesmaids

Like the banner on our page says, weddings are our passion.  We absolutely love what we do.  It feels like this isn’t even really a job.  This is a dream.  Within this dream, we are able to make the dreams of others come true.  What little girl hasn’t imagined being a princess?  As little girls, we start dreaming of our wedding day at very young ages.  We dream of huge dresses, incredible cakes and flower arrangements that go on for days.  As we get older, those dreams come out of the clouds, a bit.  We still dream of beautiful gowns, incredible cakes and flower arrangements that people can’t forget.  We also think of budgets, time constraints, guest lists and so many other factors we didn’t think of as little girls.

As a planner, part of our job is to take all those dreams you had as a little girl and find a way to make them possible as well as handle budgets, time constraints, guest lists and all those other details you never thought of until it was time to plan.  It can be overwhelming for a couple trying to start a life together.  Because we’ve had years of experience in this area, we know  those little details that are so memorable to couples.  We know how to handle the little emergencies that come up.  We know how to handle Aunt Vera when Uncle Joe shows up with his new girl friend.  It’s happened.  Everyone made it out alive and the wedding wasn’t featured on any crazy video reality shows.

My favorite part of the job isn’t the behind the scenes work.  My favorite part is the big day.  I love delivering the flowers to the bride and seeing her eyes twinkle because she loves them. I love when a groom asks me to deliver a gift to his bride.  I love seeing the tears well up in her eyes when she reads that note and opens that gift.  I love the look on the groom’s face as he sees the woman he is about to marry walking down the aisle.  I love the emotions of the day.  I love being able to help that couple start the rest of their lives with a day they will never forget.  It never gets old.

In this blog, I plan to share those moments with you.  I will share the ins and outs of our work.  I will give tips, talk about trends and anything else that pops into my head.  I will even share frustrations.  I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our business as much as we enjoy sharing these moments with our couples.  beach kiss


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